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You probably have some pieces of old furniture in your life that have sentimental value. If you have favorite pieces that need repairing, Furniture Medic can restore your pieces to their original beauty. Whether you have scratches on your coffee table or a night stand that require a new coat of paint, we can give your old furniture new life. Did you buy a piece of furniture from the flea market that does not match the rest of your furniture? We can match the color for you so the piece will fit in. If your furniture has structural damage, we can help. Call Skyline Drywall Repair Service for repairs that we can do at your home so you will not have to spend extra money buying new furniture.

Our furniture restoration services in your home include the following:

Repair and Restore: We will restore your furniture to its original glory. Repairs are made so the piece is functional again.

Painting: Old furniture can be freshened with a new coat of paint. We will carefully sand and make necessary repairs, then apply a primer and paint color of your choice.

Dents, Scratches, and Gouges: We have special materials and skills to fill in any gouges, dents and scratches so your furniture will look good again.

Perfect Color Matching By Experts: We can match any color in your wood furniture, cabinets, or millwork to the colors or stains in your other furniture.

Learn how to take care of your furniture to avoid repairs. Read through our Furniture Care Tips for helpful suggestions.

Preserve the Elegance Of Vintage Pieces

We have the skills and materials to help preserve your fine antique furniture. We have special stains, lacquers, gold leaf, etc., to bring new life to your pieces. We have solutions to custom match any color desired.

Reviving Leather Furniture

If your leather furniture sustained damage to the padding, cushions, or foam, we can replace them. We can clean, repair, re-dye and recondition your leather upholstery to make it look new once again.

Services For Motion Furniture

Our expert furniture technicians are trained by various manufacturers on servicing and repairing various kinds of lift chairs, recliners, and adjustable beds.

Inspections and Claims

When your furniture suffered damage from a move, we can help you with inspection of your furniture for your claim. We will document our findings in a clear report to support you in your claim process.

Claims for Warranty Repairs

We partner with different furniture manufacturers and retailers to do warranty repairs for your furniture. Our warranty partners include Natuzzi, Flex Steel, Klaussner, Best Home Furnishings, Legget & Platt, and many more.

Our expert furniture repair technicians can do the following:

Repair of minor damage: these include scratches, nicks, gouges, dents and stains.
Adjustments: gluing of any broken parts and repairing other damage to the structure.
Finishing, Polishing, and Restoration: Restoring the original finish of the wood furniture, fixing wear and tear and other minor damage to surfaces. Custom matching colors or changing colors as desired.
Restoring Furniture from Disasters: Repair damage as a result of fire, smoke, water, or vandalism. Removing marks from burns and water stains.
Repairing Upholstery: Fixing areas that are upholstered by fabric or leather.

You invest a lot of money on your furniture. Wooden and antique furnishings are particularly vulnerable. In order to protect your investment adequately, you should contact a professional furniture restoration and repair service. The highly skilled technicians are experts in their craft and can restore your antique furniture back to their original beautiful condition. Save money from replacing it and have it repaired instead at a fraction of the expense.

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Furniture Repair
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