Foundation Repair

A solid foundation is required in every aspect of your life, and it is no different with your home. Your property must be supported by a sound and solid foundation for stability and problem-free living. If the foundation is unstable, you will see problems:
– Walls that bow
– Doors and windows that stick
– Cracked walls
– Floors that are uneven

1. Walls that Bow

For walls that are bowed and buckled, we can straighten them out. We can usually repair this in a day. Our solutions are tried and true and will last a very long time. They also some with our warranty.

Identify problems that contribute to foundation failures
You see signs of bowing, buckling or movement inward on your foundation walls
– There are cracks at the corners of the concrete walls
– There is bulging inward along the walls
– The bottom of the walls are sliding inward
– The top of the walls are leaning
– The damaged walls are surrounded by clay soil that is wet
– Large area of Clay soils around the walls

The Repair:

We will install wall anchors along the damaged walls. The pressure from the system’s clamps will add stability to the wall. Soil anchors are placed in the ground in the exterior of the house. Steel rods are then attached to these anchors that extend across the wall plates and foundation wall. The pressure from the clamps is spread over the wall plates. The rods have threaded ends with nuts that tighten to stabilize the wall. This solution will repair the damage permanently.

If you have foundation walls that are buckling or bowing, we can fix them! Our solutions are permanent and they carry our warranty. We can do the job usually in one day. Contact us today for a free quote of our foundation services. We serve clients in the Washington DC area.

2. Doors and Windows that Stick

Any opening in a wall is a point of weakness, and that includes exterior walls which are load-bearing. This is the reason for problems with windows and door openings that crack when the foundation settles.

Solutions for door and window problems that are caused by foundation problems
Sticky doors and windows can be caused by many reasons, but the two most common problems that relate to foundation issues are settlement of the foundation and supports in the crawl spaces that have shifted, settled or decayed. If your doors and windows are jamming or sticking, or if your door’s locks no longer work well, you might have a problem with your foundation. Another indication of problems include cracks at the top corners of your doors and windows, floors that are uneven, and door and window openings that are not square.

3. Cracks on Walls

If you have cracks on your walls and they are caused by a foundation that has settled, the solution might be foundation piers. If the foundation fail is caused by expansive soils, the answer would be to use a wall anchor system.

Repairing cracks on foundation walls
If there are cracks on your walls caused by unstable or expansive soil at the bottom of your foundation, we can help you repair the damage permanently.

– Pier system for the foundation
– Push Piers
– Wall anchor systems
– Helical piers

4. Floors that are Uneven

Problems of uneven floors are seldom caused by the floor itself. Rather, the problem usually relates to a foundation that has shifted or settled that affected the floor above it.

Floors Above Crawl Spaces

The floor joists that lay above a crawl space are supported by the walls of the foundation of the crawl space, and a system of beams and columns that run down the middle of the crawl space. The walls at the perimeter of the crawl space can shift or settle which results in problems to the floor above, but the real problem is probably the settling or sagging of the center support system that was poorly built in the original construction.

Foundation Repair
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