Drywall Installation Washington DC

Many homeowners weigh the option of doing the drywall installation by themselves. It may appear easy but requires a lot of effort. So you would be better off if you leave it to a professional drywall installation company in Washington DC, like ours. We have the best expertise in town and have more than the required experience to execute the work.

Why Hire an Agency to do Drywall Installation?

There are a few important factors related to drywall installation that only trained specialists can handle. One is to get a smooth finish across the walls. Since the drywall is hung in multiple blocks and then taped, getting a smooth surface is a challenge. Our teams are doing drywall installation and repair work across the city almost daily and they would know how it is done perfectly. For drywall installation, one needs the right equipment and tools. These are available readily with agencies like ours and we can deploy our installation teams within no time.

Steps Involved in Drywall Installation

We would depute a technical representative to assess the work involved in your premises. The representative will take the measurements, understand from you the scope of work involved. Based on these, we will send you our quote. If you agree, then we can start the work.

The drywall installation work involves bringing the drywall panels to the site and cutting them to the appropriate sizes. The panels are then fastened on to the wall framework. While cutting the panels, provisions are made for electrical fittings or any other requirements.

The next job is to fill the joints between the panels and finish them to appear one smooth surface all over.

The wall is now ready for painting. If you want us to handle the painting work too, our team can do it.

How About the Insulation of the Drywall?

Insulation requirements have to come from your side. If the drywall can get affected by water, we can do waterproof insulation. When you need soundproofing of the walls, the appropriate insulation for the wall can also be handled by us.

How Strong is the Drywall?

The strength of the drywall depends on the material used for making the panels. You have gypsum panels, cement boards, and specialty boards. Depending on what you choose, we can use the panel and install the drywall on your premises.

Other Services We Can Provide for Your Home/Office

We can also handle the waterproofing of your basement. Living in Washington DC, you will face an odd snowstorm in the winters and rains. If you have a basement and worry about water seeping into the basement, just call us to have your basement waterproofed.

We can offer you references from our satisfied customers who appreciate the work we have done for them. Our charges are quite reasonable and we will stick to the time schedules we quoted at the start of the job. Upon completion of the work, our team will clean up the site. You will have no complaint about our work.

Drywall Installation
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