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Houses in Washington DC mostly sport drywalls. This has been the practice now for many decades unless you land up in a very old house in the capital city with a different type of wall. Drywalls are good but have some drawbacks as well.

The main difficulty could arise due to water seepage because of a broken pipe or other reasons. In this case, we need to repair the drywall. The other issue that you can face with the drywall is because it is very brittle. If some sharp objects like a table corner were to hit, the wall can be dented.

Drywall patching experts like us will have to be called in. We undertake drywall repair of all kinds, including drywall patching in and around Washington DC.

Types of Damage to Drywall Leading to Repairs

In our experience, we have seen several homeowners in Washington give us frantic calls when the drywall in their homes gets damaged. Among the many reasons for this, here are the major ones:

  • Water seeping into the drywall during the rainy season
  • Snowstorm resulting in the gutters with the ice later expanding and seeping onto the walls
  • Leaking/broken pipes running along the drywalls

These can leave the drywalls in a bad shape and we immediately send our team to repair.

How is Drywall Patching Done?

We recommend the drywall patching work only when a portion of the wall has been damaged. You need to first cut and remove the wet or damp portions of the wall. We then use a drier or a fan to dry out the edges of the affected portions. They have to be fully dry for the patch to be accepted firmly.

The new drywall patch is then placed and the surface is finished to a smooth level. You will not be able to make out that the drywall has been patched. The wall will be restored to its original appearance.

We Recommend Other Preventive Actions Too

We have years of experience handling drywall related work in and around Washington DC. Based on that, we advise our customers to take certain precautions to avoid problems with their drywalls.

One area of concern for many house owners is the basement. Water can enter the basement from the foundation below. Waterproofing your basement is a must. We have an expert team that can do this job for your home. The waterproofing is done both internally and externally in the basement to make sure you don’t lose sleep worrying about the safety of your basement.

Providing the best quality insulation to the roof/attic in your Washington DC home is also critical. This is because the gutter running close to the roof can wreak havoc due to accumulated snow. The snow can melt and overflow the gutter. We undertake to provide proper insulation to protect your home from such mishaps.

We also carry out the insulation of drywall for soundproofing purposes. This is a specialized job and not all drywall repair companies can undertake. Leave it to us to make the rooms in your home soundproof.

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