Pullout trays

This article is extracted from a book called “1101 Ideas for Kitchen Organization” by “Joseph R. Provey”. Pullout trays are today’s trend when it comes to remodeling the kitchen. Thanks to the author for sharing his insight on the subject.

why Pullout trays?

1 .Base cabinets do much more than they did in the past. This one is fitted out as a pantry. With door racks, adjustable shelves, and pullout trays.

2.  Large pullout trays are especially suited to storing large pots.  Pans and their lids.

3. Opt for adjustability when installing pull out trays.  If your storage needs change, it will be easy to change tray heights.

4. Opening this unit is a one-step operation, as opposed to standard pullouts, which require you to fully open the cabinet door before you can draw them out.

5 .Guardrails are a must on pullouts. They keep stored items from slipping off the edge and crashing to the floor.

6 .In wide cabinets, divide trays in halves or thirds ,so you don’t have to open two doors to gain access.

7 .Some stainless-steel wire units come with vertical dividers for storing trays, cookie sheets, and pot lids.

8 .Guardrails can be decorative, as shown on these pullout trays.

9 .Pullout trays are ideal for storing plastic food containers. Include an organizer to store the lids.

10. Wire trays are sturdy and can be customized for storing everything from large mixing bowls and colanders to soda cans and spice containers.

Kitchecn pullout tray
Pullout tray

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