Decorative Paint Finishes

An interesting article from the book called "Design Ideas for Kitchen" by "Susan Hillstorm". The article gives us some innovative ideas about decorative paint finishes, Some of these techniques were…

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Building A Helper Shelf

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This article is an Excerpt from book called "1001 Ideas For Kitchen Organization" by "Joseph R.Provey". Building a helper shelf is an easy DIY project for homeowners, which involves some…

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Drywall and Insulation

Drywall and Insulation This article is the excerpt form the book called "How to build a house" by "Larry Haun", about drywall and insulation. Various Drywall insulation materials used are…

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Install Doors after Drywall

Install Doors after Drywall This article is an excerpt from the book called "Built-ins" by "Robert J Settich". Install doors after drywall is a challenge which needs special assessment and…

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Drywall sanding corners

Drywall Sanding Corners This article is an snippet from the book called "Drywall Taping" - Workbook. This article gives a detailed description about drywall sanding corners.Sanding, like any other operation…

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Drywall access panels

Drywall Access Panels Special Drywall Access Panels listed for the benefit of our readers. this article is an excerpt from the book called "Ultimate Guide DRYWALL" by "John D Wagner"DRYWALL…

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Demountable Partitions
Drywall Patching

Demountable Partitions

Demountable Partitions This article is about Demountable Partititons, which is an advanced topic when it comes to drywall projects. This articles in an excerpt from the book called "DRYWALL" by…

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Sound Insulation Walls

How to create sound insulation walls?. Find answers to your question below. This article is an excerpt from the book called "Stanley Complete DRYWALL" by "Des Moines Iowa". Thanks to…

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Electrical Work

Electrical Work This guide to your DIY home projects, electrical work. This article is an excerpt from the book called "How to build your own TINY HOUSE" by "Roger Marshall".…

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Cost of building Basement

Cost of Building Basement Cost of building a basement could vary based on various factors. This article is an excerpt from the book called "How to build your own TINY…

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